I was amazed at how quick and helpful it was to use my hearing aid app to customize my listening preference and choose how I wanted to hear my wife and young son, sitting in a booth at a crowded restaurant. It was like I was able to just focus on their voices. To be able to change the sound just how I wanted to – was quick and easy…and it worked.

Widex Evoke Hearing Aid User

I love my new hearing aids. Noisy and loud environments were very difficult for me. I finally feel engaged in noisy restaurant situations. I can actually understand all the conversations going on around the table. Before i would just smile and nod to my friends that i could not understand. Social settings are so much more comfortable and relaxed for me when it is noisy and loud. Thank you, I feel like a new person and back to my old, fun self.

Widex Evoke Hearing Aid User

Jeff – your are such a blessing! Thank you for helping Gordon to hear me and it is so nice to be able to speak to him at regular tome. Warm regards.


Jeff, thank you so much for helping me with tinnitus and to hear all those great sounds once missing in my life – birds chirping, clocks ticking, rain falling, etc. Thanks again, Jeff. Sincerely, Sandy.


From my thorough examination, to the accuracy of my hearing aids and the attention to detail during my aftercare, Advanced Hearing Aid Center has far exceeded all my expectations!! I am recommending AHAC to all my friends! Thank you Jeff.


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